1. Camp Wilderness complies with Federal and State non-discrimination laws and will not discriminate based on race, color, sex, or national origin.

  2. Anyone participating in activities at Camp Wilderness should be individuals of Christian character or be willing to live within the guidelines of Christian principals.

  3. If the behavior of one is detrimental to the functioning of the group "at large", the individual may be asked to leave.

  4. Any act of intentional vandalism or destructive, injurious, or mischievous behavior may result in immediate dismissal from the camp and/or assistance from the local authorities as deemed necessary by camp management.

  5. No alcohol, or drugs are permitted on the grounds at any time.

  6. Smoking is not allowed in any building, nor by any minor on the property.

  7. A reasonable ratio of qualified adults to campers must be maintained at all times appropriate to the age of the retreat participants.

  8. Beds, mattresses, or furniture shall not be removed from its original location.

  9. Participants are to furnish their own linens.

  10. Park all vehicles in designated parking areas only.

  11. Shoes must be worn at all times.

  12. No dishes are to be removed from Groves hall or attached deck.

  13. A qualified group monitor must be with the group at all times.

  14. All cabins, dorms, restrooms, meeting areas, and grounds shall be kept in proper order at all times by the group using them. At the close of the rental period, it shall be the responsibility of the group leader to see that the following is carried out:

    1. Cabins, dorms, restrooms, and meeting areas are to be swept clean and bagged trash transferred to the outside receptacles.

    2. The grounds shall be left neat, clean and free of matter foreign to the area.

    3. All borrowed equipment and materials must be returned. Any breakage or loss should be reported to camp management immediately.

    4. Cleanup and repair charges will be billed to the group for facilities left dirty and/or damaged. This cost and surcharge will apply to damaged or unreturned equipment as well.