2/24/19 - We Did It!

Our Bucks to Bunks Campaign is now Complete!

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who supported this campaign! Because of your donations our campers will have 80 awesome mattresses to sleep on! Check out the updates below to see how we did it with your help!


We Did It!!

All 80 mattresses and mattress covers have been purchased and delivered!

Phase 1 = COMPLETE!
Currently the campsite has 80 beds spread out among 7 cabins (rooms). The goal of Phase 1 was to raise the funds one bed at a time, to replace the aged mattresses with new and more comfortable ones. Phase 1 was completed February 4th and raised enough money to replace all 80 mattresses, taking just over 3 months to complete!

Phase 2 = COMPLETE!
Phase 2 is the final leg of the Bucks to Bunks Campaign. Excess mattress funds, along with this second round of fundraising, supports the purchase of mattress covers to protect the new mattresses. As important as it was to get new mattresses, it is equally important to protect them. The mattress covers we are funding are full encasement, waterproof, bug proof, hypoallergenic, comfortable, and machine washable. The goal is to purchase a total of 83 at roughly $14 each. This will allow us to cover all mattresses and have covers ready when other covers need to be cycled out for cleaning. The total funds needed to reach our goal is $1,135.


1/23/19: We received our first bulk order of 45 mattresses!

2/1/19: A donor put forward an offer to match $1,000 raised. An offer with the potential to complete Phase 1 of the campaign.

2/4/19: Donor match completed in just 4 days, raising enough money to replace all 80 mattresses and kicking off Phase 2, the final part of the campaign! When we have funded 83 protective covers for the mattresses, Bucks to Bunks will officially be in the books. We’re almost there!

Phase 1 - Mattresses

Updated: 2/4/19

Phase 2 - Protective Covers

Updated: 2/24/19