Want to join our ministry team as a staff member for this year's Camping Program?

Submit an application below by selecting the camp that best fits your schedule, and choose the area(s) where you'd like to serve. A camp director will contact you with more information.

To be a staff member at Camp Wilderness, you should be a Christian with a desire to serve God by ministering to young people. While each staff member will have one or more specific responsibilities; all staff members work as a team with one purpose: To promote the spiritual growth of campers while maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

(All positions listed below are volunteer positions)

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Volunteer Staff Job Descriptions

Bible Teacher

Responsible for presenting the Word of God using provided curriculum. Work with the camp director, or other designated person, prior to camp to make sure you have all the tools and supplies necessary to perform your duties.


This lead position will be filled with a Christian role model able to present the Gospel in a clear manner. Will be responsible for the physical and spiritual care of campers. Duties include care of campers assigned to you, evening cabin devotions, organize and execute group games and campfire activities.

Must be 18 years or older.

Counselor In Training (CIT)

This is a training position. Will work with a Senior Counselor, assisting and performing same duties as counselor.

Must be 18 years or older for Sr. Camp

Craft Assistant

Assist the craft teacher during craft times.

Craft Teacher

This is a lead position, and is responsible for planning and coordinating crafts for the week. This person will work with the camp director to order required supplies based on the available budget.

Kitchen - Lead Cook

Develop menus for the week, create shopping list within budget established by the camp director, and oversee food preparation and meal service. Also responsible for keeping kitchen clean and sanitary.

Kitchen - Support Staff

Under the direction of the Lead Cook, assist with food preparation and meal service. Keep kitchen clean as well as the common area in Groves Hall and deck.


Provide minor repairs, assist with trash removal, and maintain campfires.


Responsible for performing basic first aid and dispensing medication as required. Will maintain medical logs and coordinate with parents as necessary. Will perform head checks for lice at registration.


Work with camp director prior to camp to process registrations and make cabin assignments. Will be responsible for checking in campers as they arrive on first day, verifying registration packets, directing cabin assignments, and collecting camp fees and snack bar money.

Snack Bar

Operate snack bar twice daily. Maintain accounting of snack bar funds for each camper and return excess funds at conclusion of camping program. Will be required to attend all off-site activities.

Worship Team - Lead

Lead the Worship Team to organize music for the morning music sessions and evening services. Organize rehearsal times with Worship Team during the week.

Worship Team - Support

As a member of the Worship Team, work with other musicians and Worship Team Lead to support the morning music sessions and evening services.

NOTE: Please specify in the message box any instruments you play, or if you'd like to lend vocal support.