Camp Wilderness

Iberia, Missouri

Information for Parents & Staff

Camp Fees & Payment: Back to Top

Senior Camp (ages 12-18) - $150.00 ($120.00 if reservation is made before June 1, 2018)
Junior Camp (ages 7-12) - $120.00 ($90.00 if reservation is made before June 1, 2018)

  • Campers who are 12 years old may attend either OR both camps
  • Camp Fees include food, lodging, and all off camp activities
  • Camp Fees DO NOT include Snack Bar refreshments (see Camper Bank Accounts)

Checks Should be Made Payable To: Camp Wilderness. (Payment is not due until the first day of camp.)

Arrival: Back to Top

Campers should arrive after 4:00PM for registration at Groves Hall on the first day of camp. Your child will receive his/her cabin assignment during registration. Having your payment and completed Registration Packet ready will speed up the registration process.

Note: Parents are required to sign-out and sign-in their children if they need to leave the campground during the week. Returning campers prior to 10:00PM is appreciated.

Departure: Back to Top

Campers should be picked up by 9:30AM on the last day of camp.

Phone Calls: Back to Top

We do not encourage phone calls during the week. With the number of campers we have, it would be impossible for us to allow them all to call home. Additionally, campers are not allowed to bring cell phones with them to camp. If you are concerned about your child, or for emergencies, you can call the camp at (573) 292-0116, and we will have them return your call at their first opportunity.

Note: Only collect or calling card calls can be made from the Campground.

Camper Bank Accounts: Back to Top

Extra spending money will be collected at registration and kept in camper/staff accounts to be used at the snack bar, Camp Store, and off-camp activities.  (Please bring one-dollar bills to place in your child's bank envelope on registration day).  Any remaining balances will be refunded on the last day of camp.

Lice Policy: Back to Top

As you prepare your child for camp, please take a few minutes to make sure your child does not have head lice. This is easily accomplished by lifting up the hair along the temple, behind the ears and along the back of the neck. If you find lice, please treat your child and their belongings with products that are available for this purpose. During registration, we will be checking each camper for lice. If evidence of lice is found, the camper will not be allowed to stay at camp. Your money will be refunded, and your child will be sent home with you. As with all our medical policies and health procedures, this policy has been put in place to make summer camp a safe and enjoyable experience for all our campers. Thank you in advance for complying with our request. For further information on head lice and proper treatment, go to the following web site:

Directions to Camp Wilderness: Back to Top

You can access a map and get directions from the main menu (Contact Us > Map & Directions), or by clicking HERE.

Camp Brochures: Back to Top

Camp Brochures can be downloaded from the main menu (Summer Camps > Forms), or by clicking HERE.

Contact Information: Back to Top

Camp Wilderness Email (NOT MONITORED July 15-21st) -
Camp Phone (ONLY available July 8- 21st) - (573) 292-0116

Staff Members: Back to Top

If you are registering as a Staff Member, please download a Staff Registration Packet from the Forms Page, and submit it during registration the first day of camp.

I Can't Download The Registration Packet: Back to Top

You must have Adobe Reader® installed on your computer to download and print the registration packet. You can download the reader for free from our Forms Page, or we can snail mail you the packet. Just make your request using one of the following methods:

From our Web Site: Contact Us Form

Email Address:

Camp Reservation Phone: 636-451-4200

Snail Mail Address:
Camp Wilderness Summer Camp Reservations
c/o The Bridge
973 Warrens Way Dr
Pacific, MO 63069

Packing - What to Bring and What NOT to Bring Back to Top

What to Bring:
  • Bible
  • Close Toed Shoes (shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals may be brought for pool use)
  • Extra tennis shoes (that can get wet) preferred
  • Durable, modest, casual clothing (See "What NOT to Bring")
  • Spending $$ for the snack bar (we suggest $15-$20). One-dollar bills are appreciated.
  • Liquid soap, shampoo, and other personal items
  • Towels, washcloths
  • Twin sized bed linens, pillow and blanket and/or sleeping bag
  • MODEST Bathing suit (NO bare midriffs for girls)
  • Toiletries and Sunscreen
  • Flashlight (optional)
  • An attitude reflecting our Lord and Savior

What NOT to Bring:
  • Cell phones
  • MP3 Players, Hand-Held Video Games, Tablets, or Laptop Computers.
  • No revealing clothing. Clothing must not expose undergarments, midriff, buttocks, or other private areas. No open sided tanks, low-cut tops or short shorts
  • Clothing wth graphic images, profanity, or supporting drugs or alcohol is not permitted
  • Skateboards, Roller blades, Heelys, etc.
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Tobacco, alcohol, or illegal substances